Your plant seems far from our facility. Should we be concerned?

Our fleet of delivery trucks run 7-days per week and frequent all counties in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and areas of New York. We only take on accounts in the areas that we can service effectively and efficiently. 

Is your price better than your competitors?

Our prices are competitive and straightforward to understand, in line or lower than industry standard. There are no hidden fees here.

What colors do you carry in your food and beverage linen choices?

H&H carries common linen colors for restaurant and food service businesses of all shapes and sizes.

How does pricing work?

We can provide pricing by the piece or by the pound. When pricing by the pound, we measure by clean dry weight.

Do you deliver 7 days a week?

Yes, H&H works 365 days per year, and provides deliveries every single day of the week, throughout the year.

What is the delivery timeframe?

In almost all cases, linens are processed and returned within a 24 hour period.

What is your service area?

H&H Linen Services provides service to healthcare and hospitaly organizations throughout Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and parts of New York.